Cream Cheese Dessert

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  • Source: Cooking Healthy and Fast
  • Prep Time: 15 Minutes
  • Servings: 8 (½ cup each)



  1. In small mixing bowl, combine pudding mix and milk.
  2. Beat on low speed to mix ingredients.
  3. Add cream cheese.
  4. Increase speed and beat until smooth and thickened.
  5. Pour into individual or large serving dish.
  6. Top with pie filling and refrigerate.


  1. "Healthy Recipes for Diabetic Friends Y-Group"
  2. The cherry pie filling contains sugar and should be limited by diabetics. If desired, eliminate topping and top individual servings with sugar-free all fruit preserves of choice.

Nutritional information[edit]

Per serving:

  • 200 Calories | 554mg Sodium | 24mg Cholesterol | 7g Fat | 9g Carbs
  • Exchanges: 1 starch/bread | ½ milk | 1½ fat