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Name Variations

  • crimini mushroom
  • Italian brown mushroom
  • Italian mushroom
  • brown mushroom
  • baby portobello mushroom

About Cremini mushroom

Wikipedia Article About Cremini mushroom on Wikipedia

Although sometimes described a sub-variety of the portobello mushroom, the crimini or cremini mushroom is actually an immature portobello. In fact, savvy marketers have begun to refer to crimini mushrooms as baby portobellos. Left to grow another 48 to 72 hours, a crimini mushroom will more than quadruple in size, taking on the large-capped portobello shape. They are more delicate in texture but still have the meaty portobello flavor.

Cremini mushrooms, similar in size and shape to common cultivated white mushrooms, have a more pronounced flavor and a rich brown skin concealing creamy tan flesh. Select firm, plump mushrooms that are not slimy or bruised. Store mushrooms unwashed-lightly wrapped in paper towels or in a paper bag, never in plastic-in the refrigerator.

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