Daikon Steak

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Always check the ingredients to make sure the product is vegan.



  1. Peel the skin off the daikon.
  2. In a grid, cut lightly into the top and bottom of the daikon slices, approx ⅛ inches deep.
  3. This is to allow the daikon to cook faster and absorb the soy sauce.
  4. At medium to low heat with 3 tbsp oil, fry the daikon slices, both sides until cooked.
  5. The color of the daikon will change to half transparent white.
  6. It should also be tender enough to allow a chopstick to pass through the middle.
  7. Once cooked, put the heat medium to high and pour the soy sauce over the daikon slices.
  8. By flipping the daikon slices, let them absorb the soy sauce.
  9. Do this for 20 to 30 seconds.
  10. Serve and eat.