Dumpling wrappers

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Name variations

  • dumpling skins
  • gyoza
  • gyoza wrappers
  • shao mai skins
  • shu mai skins
  • siu mai skins
  • su my wrappers
  • shiu mai wrappers

About dumpling wrappers

These thin round wrappers are used to make the delicate dumplings that are so popular at dim sum restaurants. They're made to be stuffed and steamed, but they're not sturdy enough to be fried.

The Japanese use round wrappers called gyoza to make pork-stuffed dumplings similar to Chinese potstickers. Western cooks sometimes use them to make ravioli. Substitutes include potsticker wrappers or wonton wrappers (These are thinner than gyoza wrappers) or egg roll wrappers (These are larger than gyoza wrappers) or pasta sheets.