Freakingawesomeballisticmegabacon Burger

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Prep Time:10 minutes

Cook time:at most 30 minutes

Serves:1 person


it's really good it's my family recipe.



  1. Cook patty in pan or George Foreman grill until how you like it.
  2. After patty is how you want it leave in pan or put in conventional oven to keep warm for now.
  3. On buns first put lettuce, then put patty on, then Monterey jack cheese, then tomato, then crushed red pepper, then ranch dressing, then chili powder, then bacon. (that's just the recommended order you put this in if you want to change around the order of the ingredients on your burger then go ahead)
  4. Go by how much of the spices and dressing of how much you want on your burger.
  5. Enjoy the rich flavor.