Frozen Strawberry Fool

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  • 2 packages (10 ounces each) frozen sliced California strawberries (Sugar added), partially thawed
  • 1/4-cup orange-flavored liqueur
  • 1 cup whipping cream, mint sprigs, for garnish (optional)


  1. Combine 1 package of the strawberries and their liquid with 2 tablespoons of the liqueur; set aside.
  2. Whip cream to form soft peaks; fold in berry-liqueur mixture until well blended.
  3. Pour into 4 stemmed glasses or dessert dishes;
  4. Freeze until firm around the edges but still soft in the center, about 2 hours.
  5. Combine remaining package of strawberries and their liquid with remaining liqueur;
  6. Spoon over frozen desserts, dividing equally.
  7. Garnish with mint. Serve at once.
  8. Makes 4 servings.
  9. NOTE: Desserts, up to the point of adding sauce, can be completely frozen.
  10. Remove from freezer 10 to 15 minutes before adding sauce and serving.

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