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About Garlic salt

Garlic salt basically represents a mixture of garlic and salt, which is used in many culinary recipes. For preparing the garlic salt, there are needed 3 parts of regular salt and 1 part of garlic flakes, which are obtained by drying the fresh garlic and then mincing it. Garlic is used for its bulb, which contains an intensely flavored essence. Garlic has various nutrients, such as C and B vitamins, which help the organism to digest well, quick, calm pains, accelerate the metabolism and tone the body. Garlic is better to be consumed fresh, but garlic flakes and garlic salt also keep these valuable nutrients that generally provide good health for the organism. In any case, garlic salt is much healthier than regular salt, plus the fact that it brings a specific flavor to the food, which will seem more exotic and less salty.

Garlic salt can be used in recipes that require both garlic and salt, but it can also substitute regular salt from stews, meat dishes (beef, pork, and poultry) and salads.

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