Globe squash

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Globe squash

About Globe squash

The squashes are fruits that belong to the curcubita family and they are consumed as vegetables. Most of the squash species have their origins in the North American regions, where they grow well due to the climate conditions and they are an important aliment. There is a wide range of squashes that vary in form and size: from round to oval and green to orange, although they are all characterized by similar tastes – mild and sweet, with an orange and tender flesh. The globe squash has a moist content and it has a high content of vitamins and potassium, which are necessary elements in a healthy diet.

Squashes are used intensively in the North American cuisine and they are a staple aliment for the Thanksgiving dinner. Besides this, pumpkins, including the globe squashes are used for various pies that are consumed as desserts and their seeds are roasted and consumed as snacks. There is also the roasted globe squash, which is eaten in some cultures as a dessert or as a snack.

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