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Green-leaf lettuce

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About Green-leaf lettuce

This leafy green plant grows from a stalk and spreads out to become a leafed bunch of greens that has a decorative frilled green edging. Its greens can be used in salads and even as an ingredient in making sandwiches, but they can also be used as a decorative item to an arranged tray of vegetables, fruits and meats. Green leaf lettuce has to be washed thoroughly before being prepared or simply stored in the refrigerator. It usually remains fresh for an entire week, but after that it begins to loose its nutritional value, as well as its flavor. Leaf vegetables are also called greens or leafy greens and they are generally eaten as a vegetable. Most often, leaf vegetables come from short-lived herbaceous plants as lettuce or spinach.

Usually, green leaf lettuce is used in different typed of salads, being accompanied by sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, or green onion. There are some nutritional features of leaf vegetables and these refer to the fact that these plants are low in calories and low in fat, but high in protein per calorie, in iron and in dietary fiber, calcium, phytochemicals, vitamin C, vitamin A, lutein, and folic acid.

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