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Name Variations

  • Japone chile

About Japanese dried chile

The Japanese dried chile are made of local chiles, like the Japanese chile green or the Japanese hot claw. the hot claw chile, also known as the hahong koch`o, has thin walls and acceptable heat levels. the hahong koch`o is original from Korea, but it used in many Japanese dishes – in some areas, it is also called takanotsume. the chile has a bright red color when it is at its mature age and it reaches 3 inches in length. This specie of chiles grows in about 100 days, if the climate is good, meaning wet. When it is fried, due to the fact that it contains heated seeds, the Jalapeno dried chile is very hot and spicy. The Japanese dried chile is chopped or mashed, then dried and consumed in the local meals.

The Japanese dried chiles are used for a variety of meals, ranging from the Asian delicacies (including rice, sushi and various pastries with spicy fillings), to the complex dishes, served as main courses, meat meals and garnishes.

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