Leaf lettuce

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Leaf lettuce

Name Variations

  • looseleaf lettuce
  • bunching lettuce
  • cutting lettuce
  • salad-bowl lettuce
  • lechuga

About Leaf lettuce

Wikipedia Article About Leaf Lettuce on Wikipedia

Any of several varieties of lettuce with leaves that branch from a single stalk in a loose bunch rather than forming a tight head. The leaves are crisper and more full-flavored than those of the Head Lettuce varieties. Depending on the variety, leaf lettuce (also called loose leaf and Simpson lettuce) can range in color from medium to dark green; some have red-tipped leaves. Among the more popular leaf lettuces are Oak leaf, Salad Bowl, frilly Red leaf and crinkly Green Leaf. In general, leaf lettuce is more perishable than head lettuce. Choose bunches with crisp, evenly colored leaves with no sign of wilting or yellowing at the edges.

Oak leaf, red leaf, and green leaf are all varieties of looseleaf lettuce.

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