Making lamb kebabs

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These kebabs are not necessarily Moroccan, but taste similar. This is a delicious, economical and unusual way to serve minced lamb. The kebabs are ideal for barbecuing, but can just as easily be grilled, the spices warm up a cold winters evening, and making the kebabs suits a rainy afternoon, despite the fact that it doesn't take all that long to prepare. There's just something about this dish that suits a lazy day in the kitchen, preparation is satisfying and easy, and the rewards are truly delicious! All in all after first trying this recipe it was immediately on the list of meals to serve to friends and family. The rice, organic rice is best, is used to fill out the meat balls a little. It could be left out to make a meal that would be suitable for most people following an Atkins diet. Everyone who loves meat loves lamb kebabs. They’re quick, easy, but never fail to please. They can be grilled or oven roasted. To make life easy, roast some vegetables along with them and you have a complete supper in no time at all.