Malu Abulthiyal

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  1. Wash and cut the fish into 15-20 pieces.
  2. Place the goraka pieces in a saucepan, add a little water to cover and simmer for about 5–10 minutes (until the goraka is soft).
  3. Add salt, pepper, chili powder, tumeric, curry powder to the fish pieces and mix well (until all the pieces are well coated).
  4. Drain the goraka pieces and crush into a coarse paste.
  5. Mix the paste with the drained water and add to the fish, mix well.
  6. Arrange the fish in a shallow pan and pour the liquid over the pices.
  7. Wash the mixing bowl with 1 cup water and pour over the fish.
  8. Swirl the pan to coat the pieces with the liquid.
  9. Add the curry leaves, rampe, cinnamon & crushed garlic.
  10. Cook over slow heat until the fish is done.
  11. For a completely dry dish, transfer the fish and thick gravy into an oven proof container and leave it in a warm oven until completly dry.