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Morita pepper

About Morita pepper

The Mexican cuisine is very impressive when it comes to the variety of spicy and hot meals, which include the local types of chiles and peppers. Chilies are used both dried and fresh and they are found in a wide range: chipotle, haberano, mulato, cascabel or serrano. Morita pepper is famous in Lain American countries and it is also called the Morita chile. Basically, the chile morita means in Spanish a pepper berry, in a dark color. The morita is in a dark reddish and brown color and that is why sometimes it is confused with the serano chile. As opposite to the serano chile, the morita pepper is made of a younger and rarer specie of jalapeno in an intense red color.

Among the most famous recipes that include the morita peppers are spicy tortilla roll-ups, made with green chilies and hot pepper sauce, made of fresh morita pepper and the grilled chicken quesadillas (with morita chili peppers, olives, cheese and adobo seasoning and cut in bite sized pieces).

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