Nine-section dish ("kujulpan")

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At an elegant Korean dinner, the first course might be ("kujulpan"). Strips of cooked meat and vegetables are arranged in a klarge sectioned dish with a stack of Korean pancakes in the center. The fillings are wrapped in the pancakes in the center. It is good for an hors d' oeuvre.

Nine-section dish ("kujulpan")



Remove the entails from the srimp. Insert toothpicks into the shrimps and scald them in boiling water; remove the shells. Cut the flesh into thin strips and mix with the salt, Sugar, and vinegar. Cut the Beef into strips, season itt with A ingredients and fry. Cut the carrott and cucumber into strips and sprinkle salt. Squeeze out the water and fry. Cut the bamboo shoots into strips and fry. Fry the beated egg and cut it into 2" long strips. Scald and shared the bellflower roots finely. Fry in the sesame oil and mix them with the G ingredients. mix and beat the H ingredients till the batter is smooth. and make thin pancakes. Layer the pancakes in the center section of the 9-section dish topping each one with a little powdered pine nut. Then arrange the other 8 ingredients.

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