Pooran Poli

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  • Ethnicity - Marathi, West Indian
  • Type of meal - Party, Lunch, Dinner



  1. Soak grams at night.
  2. Wash well the next day and boil.
  3. Drain all water and mix jaggery.
  4. Keep on slow fire for 5-6 minutes to allow all water to evaporate.
  5. Mix cardamom powder to the dry mixture.
  6. Keep aside and cool.
  7. Once cooled, grind the mixture to a fine paste.
  8. Prepare a soft dough of maida, salt, water and oil.
  9. Now with the hands prepare a small roti with the dough.
  10. Wrap the roti around a small ball of pooran.
  11. Flatten with hands and using a rolling pin, shape into a general roti.
  12. Put the roti on the pan and cook like any other roti.
  13. Serve with tea or bhaji.