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Name Variations[edit]

  • pao duce
  • Hawaiian bread

About Portuguese sweet bread[edit]

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Portuguese sweet bread ("Massa Savada" or simply "Massa", "Pão Doce" and the easter version with eggs is better known as "Folar") is a bread made with milk, sugar and/or honey to produce a subtly sweet lightly textured loaf. It was traditionally made around the Christmas and Easter holidays (often with hard boiled eggs baked into the loaves for the latter holiday) as a round-shaped loaf, but today it's made and available year round. The bread is usually served simply with butter and is sometimes eaten with meals (breakfast in particular), but often as a dessert.

Portuguese sweet bread is common in both Hawaiian cuisine and New England cuisine as it was brought to those regions by their large Portuguese immigrant populations.

Portuguese sweet bread Recipes[edit]