Potato Salad I

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This has got to be the best potato salad recipe ever made. The thing that takes this up a level is the goat cheese. Ever sense I had goat cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich I have been looking for more whys to incorporate it into more recipes. I also am a fan of the Yukon gold potato but you can use the small red rose potatoes also.



  1. Boil potatoes until tender and then let them cool down.
  2. Cook the bacon and onions till the bacon is down and the onions are golden brown.
  3. Drain the bacon drippings into a small mixing bowl and mix the milk mayo and sour cream with the drippings.
  4. Ok now in a large bowl add the potatoes, eggs, the onion and bacon mixture and the dressing.
  5. Mix it all up till everything is coated.
  6. Cover and chill for 3 hours.
  7. Now if you don’t think this is the best potato salad recipe ever then you send me one that is better.