Ramadan Kebab

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This special Ramadan dish will remind you of Gyros (Doner) with yogurt and is so easy to prepare. You can start making this 30 minutes before dinner. Use of garlic is one the best ways to make you want to drink water! Which restores the liquid in a body that a fasting person refrain from during the day!



Cook Onion for a couple of minutes than add the ground meat and salt and black pepper. Stirring often, cook the meat. Add tomatoes and cook for 5 more minutes. Set these aside, keep the lid on. Mix yogurt with garlic well, with a fork. Keep it in room temp. In a saucepan sauté red pepper flakes in margarine, for 3 minutes. Warm up the bread in the owen for 5 minutes. On an each dinner plate place Pita squares and sprinkle it with 2 tbs warm water. Right away spread the sautéed meat over the bread. Then spread some garlic yogurt on top. Pour over the sautéed red pepper to garnish. Sprinkle some mint on top.

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