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Name Variations

  • pie plant

About Rhubarb

A perennial plant that has celery-like stalks that are greenish pink to dark red in color. Rhubarb is a vegetable but is generally prepared and served in the same manner as a fruit, since it is most often cooked and sweetened with sugar. When eaten raw, it has a tart flavor and when cooked, there is a tendency to add more sugar then necessary in an attempt to sweeten the flavor. Rhubarb can be used nicely to enhance the flavor of other fruits, such as pairing it with strawberries in baked sauces or beverages. It makes a delicious pie filling and is also used to make sauce in the same manner as applesauce. Rhubarb can also be used to make jellies, jams, cakes, muffins, and other desserts. Be sure to discard the leaves and roots that contain toxic levels of oxalic acid. When selecting, choose stalks that are young and crisp. Peel any tough skin off before using. Rhubarb can be frozen for future use by cutting the stalks into 1-inch lengths and packaged in plastic.

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