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About Scallopini

The scallopini is a dish which represents sautéed cutlets of various meats. The cutlets that are included in the scallopini are at first, pounded thin and then coated with flour. The meats which are used for the scallopini range from veal, to pork and poultry (mostly chicken). The dish is original from Italy and it can be done in various ways. In fact, the meal has been included in many cuisines, which have adapted it and transformed it, regarding their culinary styles and staple aliments and meats.

The most traditional and authentic scallopini is prepared with veal meat – this recipe has many variants: veal scallopini with mushrooms, veal scallopini with mustard sauce, with lemon or veal scallopini Marsala. The recipes include veal cubes, bell peppers, mushrooms, oregano, parsley, basil, garlic and onion. Poultry scallopini has many forms, too, like the turkey scallopini with lime juice, the chicken scallopini in spaghetti sauce or the chicken scallopini Marsala. The chicken scallopini is prepared with boned chicken breasts, butter, pepper, heavy cream, basil leaves and sliced mushrooms.

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