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About Semolina

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Semolina is coarsely ground grain, usually wheat, with particles mostly between 0.25 and 0.75 mm in diameter. The same milling grade is sometimes called farina, or grits if made from maize. It refers to two very different products: semolina for porridge is usually steel-cut soft common wheat whereas "durum semolina" used for pasta or gnocchi is coarsely ground from either durum wheat or other hard wheat, usually the latter because it costs less to grow.

Non-durum semolina porridge or farina has come to be known in the United States by the trade name Cream of Wheat.

Semolina pudding is made by boiling or baking the grain with milk and sweeteners. The pudding can be flavoured with vanilla, served with jam, and eaten hot or cold.

In most of India, it is known as sooji; in southern India, rava.

In much of North Africa and the Middle-East, it is made into the staple couscous.

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