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Name Variations

  • Calamari

About Squid

The squid is a marine cephalopod of big dimensions and it is very similar to cuttlefishes and octopuses. The squid is a member of Teuthida order of the Cephalopoda class. Squids have long bodies, eight arms and two tentacles with suckers. Their body is very flexible and they have the ability of bending. They move by expelling water through a special foot named hyponome. The squid’s beak is strong and it helps the cephalopod to hill and to tear its prey into small edible pieces. Very similar to clams, squids have a radula which helps them to digest their food. Squids survive by feeding themselves with fish and other invertebrates such as crustaceans, shrimps and other squids. The two extended tentacles help them to catch their prey. The squid’s dimensions can vary from sixty centimeters to twenty meters long. Squids have a large brain with a big brain, two large eyes and two hearts. Squids are eaten by sharks, whales and people. Squids also have to ability of changing their color in order to hide from the predators.

"Calamari" is the Italian word for squid. It has a chewy texture and mild flavor and is often served as an appetizer.

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