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A liquid sugar, produced from the juices from plants, such as raw sugar cane, trees, sorghum, corn, date palms, rice, fruit, and other . The juice is extracted from some part of the plant (tree trunks, stalks, kernel, etc.) and it begins a refining process where the juice is filtered to remove impurities such as mold, fibers and debris. The remaining contents continue being refined going through a boiling and then a refiltering, during which the sugar is removed if desired and the thick concentrated mixture remaining is the syrup. This mixture is then used as a base to produce common varieties of molasses and syrups. There are a numerous plants, trees and crops that produce syrups, but for cooking, sweetening and garnishing, there are a group of common syrups most often used which include, molasses, grain syrups (corn, rice, barley malt, and sorghum), sap syrups (maple syrup, palm date syrup), fruit syrups, simple or sugar syrup, treacle syrup, and golden syrup.