Ten Golden Rules of Pressure Cookery

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I was just browsing on the miss vickie website

     http://www.missvickie.com/    and ran across

these 10 rules of pressure cookery and thought some newbie's and oldie's too might benefit from having them grouped together. Should you visit her site, BEWARE, she has a thing against electric pressure cookers that we here on PressureCookerRecipes do not share. A lot of us love the things. Other then that it is a great web site that answers many pressure cooker questions. Visit and judge for yourself. Many call it their 'Internet PC Bible'.

Happy trails Bill

Ten Golden Rules of Pressure Cookery Regardless of the type of pressure cooker you own, these basic safety rules apply to all brands and models.

1. Check to see that the vent or valve systems are in good working order before using a pressure cooker.

2. Never use less than the minimum amount of liquid as recommended by the manufacturer.

3. Do not exceed the 2/3 full level when cooking most foods; or the 1/2 full level when cooking foods that are mostly liquids, foam, froth or expand.

4. Use high heat to establish the desired pressure and then immediately reduce the heat to the lowest level possible that will still maintain that pressure.

5. When not using a recipe always check the Cooking Time Charts for the best cooking and release methods.

6. As with any cooking appliance that cooks quickly or uses high temperatures, do not leave a pressure cooker unattended for any length of time and always set a timer.

7. Use the Natural Release method for foods that are mostly liquids, foam, froth or expand; and foods with a skin or peel, as well as with most meats.

8. Never use more than 1/4 cup of fats or oils, or exceed the maximum amount as recommended by the manufacturer.

9. When using the cold water release never run water directly over the vent or valve system.

10. Always check to make sure the pressure has dropped back to normal before opening the locking lid on a pressure cooker.