Yin Ya Liang Ban

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Green bean sprouts with white bean curd cheese sauce




  1. Remove seeds of green and red pepper, shred
  2. Shred Sichuan preserved vegetable, soak for 30 minutes, wipe dry
  3. Wash dry bean curd, shred
  4. Boil water, parboil green bean sprouts until soft, drain and wipe dry
  5. Put shredded green and red pepper, dry bean curd into hot water
  6. Boil for 1 minutes until shredded materials soft, drain and wipe dry
  7. Put white bean curd cheese into a container, press and make paste
  8. Add in sauce to bean curd cheese paste, stir and mix well
  9. Put green bean sprouts and shredded materials into container, mix well
  10. Add in bean curd cheese sauce, stir well and mix, serve in cool