Dahi Bhalla

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  1. Wash and soak the urad dal in cold water overnight.
  2. Next day, strain and grind to a smooth paste.
  3. Whisk into the batter salt, red chilli powder and raisins.
  4. Heat oil in a wok.
  5. Drop tablespoons of batter in it and fry until light golden.
  6. Remove, drain on absorbent paper.
  7. Put the bhallas in hot water. Leave for 2 minutes.
  8. Drain, squeezing out the water between the palm of your hands.
  9. Whisk the yoghurt well with kala namak and salt to taste.
  10. To serve, place the bhallas on a plate and cover with yoghurt.
  11. Drizzle Mint Chutney and Tamarind Chutney.
  12. Sprinkle red chilli powder, cumin powder.
  13. Garnish with coriander leaves, ginger and green chilli.