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Jiaozi - Wanton of the North

The wanton of the North. Different filling, different taste, but the idea is the same ... a combination of meat or vegetables wrapped with a thin sheet of dough. The Northerners loves it, the Taiwanese love it and it's popular overseas usually served as a dim sum while in Japan it's called gyoza.

There are many specialised jiaozi restaurants both in China and Taiwan. Shanghai is famous for its Jiazi yet it doesn't quite suit foreigners taste for the simple reason that it's always much too oily, but the locals seem to like it. In most cases it's best served boiled. Shredded ginger in vinegar/soy sauce is often served as a dip sauce.

Not particularly Southeast Asian, this popular Chinese dish is available in many Chinese restaurants in the region and it's becoming a rather popular snack.



  1. Mix ingredients and seasonings, wrap and wet the edges with water and seal leaving no air inside the package, whole both ends and push toward the center to create nice folds.
  2. Heat some oil in non stick pan, put in the jiaozi when the pan begins to smoke.
  3. Let it brown and turn over.
  4. When both sides are nicely browned, pour in a little water, cover and let it cook with the steam generated for just a couple of minutes.
  5. Served hot with spring onion, ginger and vinegar/soy sauce splash over it.