Poblano Salsa Chili

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  • servings: 4
  • ingredients:*
  • preparation:*

Cook chile peppers And garlic in a Large Saucepan Coated With CookingSpray Over Medium Heat For 2 Minutes.

Add Frozen Crumbles, chili powder And oregano And Continue to Cook 1Minute. Stir in Salsa. Cover And Reduce Heat to Medium-Low.Cook 5 Minutes or Until chile peppers Are Tender. Stir in beans And 1Cup water. Stir in Squash. Cover And Cook Until Squash is Tender, 8 to

  • 10 Minutes.

Season to Taste With salt, if Desired. Ladle Into Shallow Bowls; TopWith sour cream And cilantro or parsley.

  • substitutions:*
  • if Fresh Poblano chile peppers Are Not Available, Substitute 1 or 2Jalape?o Chilies, Minced And Seeded, And Add 1 Large Green bell pepper,Diced.

If Chipotle Salsa is Not Available, Substitute Your Favorite Salsa AndAddhot pepper sauce to Taste.

Ancho or Chipotle chili powder Will Give The Dish More Heat Than RegularChili Powder. beef stock May Replace The 1 Cup water.

  • tips:*
  • * Look For Mexican oregano in Hispanic Markets And Some LargeSupermarkets.
  • nutritional Analysis Per Serving:*

Total Fat (g): 4 Fat Calories (kc): 33 Cholesterol (mg): 10 Trans FattyAcids (g): 0

Saturated Fat (g): 2 Polyunsaturated Fat (g): 1 Monounsaturated Fat (g): 0Fiber (g): 20 Carbohydrates (g): 53 sugar (g): 6 Protein (g): 31Sodium (mg): 571 Calcium (mg) 260

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